Anger. We all have it from time to time. It’s a perfectly normal, healthy emotion.  Healthy? Yes healthy!

However, some of us experience it more than others and many of us need to learn how to manage it effectively so that it becomes our ally rather than a destructive force.

If anger is a car – what or who is driving?

The anger car is driven by a range of different drivers:

Anxiety and Fear

Negative thinking patterns



When these things are in charge of us, anger is not far away. We may be anxious and then snap at people, we may tell ourselves ‘I’m always angry’ and keep feeding the habit. We may feel justifiably hurt at another’s actions and lash out, we may have done something we feel bad about and want to put the blame onto others.

So to manage our anger, we actually need to manage these other things first.

So if you’re angry, right now – ask yourself…..

  • What am I anxious/scared about?
  • What am I telling myself?
  • Why do I feel hurt?
  • What am I guilty about?