Being Different

You may worry about being different and not fitting in.

There is huge ‘invisible’ pressure in groups to fit in and comply with the norm. On top of that, peer pressure can make you feel that you have to follow the crowd so that you keep your friends. Even when you know it’s wrong for you. That can be hard because you don’t know which way to turn for the best.

Thought might be:

‘If I’m not one of the cool kids. people will hate me. If I don’t like the same things as my friends, I will lose them and be alone. If I don’t do the things my friends want to do, I will be kicked out of the group.’

No two people are the same. Everyone is different. However sometimes we feel we need to be the same as others to fit in. We really don’t! You have a unique set of qualities that make you brilliant – let them shine!