Change your thinking patterns

Thinking is constant. Lots and lots of silent chatter in our heads. Some of it we consciously focus on, some of it we are unaware of. It’s like a computer programme running quietly in the background.

In fact it’s useful to think of our mind as a computer.

The mind is like the physical shell of the computer. It has all of the wiring pre-installed, but it can’t do anything unless you program it to act.

Thoughts are like the software, the program. Software tells the computer how to respond or react. Our thoughts tell our mind how to respond and react.

We tend to get stuck in the negative.

Watch this TED Talk by social psychologist Alison Ledgerwood. She explains really clearly how this works.

You have the power to change your responses and your life, by changing your programming – by changing your thinking.

Click any of the buttons below – but it’s a good idea to start with ‘Negative Automatic Thinking’