Newsflash! Exercise can make your feel happier!

Yes really. In numerous scientific studies exercise of any intensity has continually been shown to produce changes in the parts of the brain that control stress and anxiety. This will then improve mood and decrease feelings of depression. The scientists also found that people exercising regularly had a real boost to their energy levels. Don’t take our word for it -try it!

In fact – the effects of exercise on mood are so powerful that choosing to exercise (or not) even makes a difference over short periods of time.

What could I do?

If getting hot and sweaty down the gym is not your thing – then don’t do it!  A more mindful form of exercise such as walking, swimming, dancing, cycling, stretching, yoga or certain forms of martial arts may well suit you better. Or if you do prefer to overload your body and enjoy that challenge, then weight or resistance training, running or HITT sessions could be the way forward for you.

And if you choose to play an organised sport you also have the added bonus of the social side of competition and team sport.

And did you know?

Exercise  can improve your skin!

Your skin can be really affected by the amount of stress you are experiencing. Exercise will stimulate blood flow which kick starts the skin cells to adapt and repair. So reducing your stress by participating in moderate exercise is a great way to create a positive impact on the appearance of your skin.

Exercise is great for your muscles and bones

In young people exercise also helps to build bone density which is important for prevention of injury and bone degeneration as you get older. Vigorous intensity exercise has been shown in studies to promote higher bone density than moderate intensity exercise.