Fear of Failure

You may worry about ‘getting it wrong’ or failing.

This could be a question in class or a test, putting your hand up to answer, or just trying something new.

Thought might be:

‘If I get this wrong, I will look stupid. If I show that I can’t do it, people will think I’m weak. If I fail, I will lose the chances the others have. I know I will get this wrong, so what’s the point? If my friends can do this, why can’t I? I’m the odd one out’.

Watch this brilliant TED Talk by Caleb Meakins.

We all make mistakes. Every single one of us. Even your teachers and your parents – all the time. And that’s OK. The quote in the picture is a good one : failure is part of success. Keep asking for help and keep going! That’s how we build resilience.