Image: Donald Giannatti

There’s a saying:

bad things are like velcro and good things are like Teflon*

This is because the mind has a tendency to magnify negative events and allow the good stuff to slip away. This is what is called our negativity bias. We are all wired this way.

But what if we could flip this round, so that the good stuff hangs around and the bad washes through and fades? What would our lives be like if that could happen?

*Teflon is a non stick surface applied to frying pans.

GOOD NEWS! Practising gratitude is scientifically proven to increase happiness and wellbeing!

Gratitude is all about noticing the dozens of small things that happen every day that make us feel good – and most importantly, being thankful for them. Try noticing the things below as you go through your day and let the good things sink in.

a laugh with a friend


your nice warm bed

your favourite snack

a smile from a family member

the sunshine

playing with a pet

the wind on your face

receiving a complement

watching a movie

someone who supports you

being healthy

Gratitude Practice

Take 15 minutes to sit comfortably in a quiet space, close your eyes and follow the practice on the right.