Mindfulness through Nature

How many times have you been told to get out if your bedroom and get outside!  You may not want to do that  but did you know that even a plant in your room, or pictures of nature, can make you feel less anxious, angry, or stressed. Try it.

It is, of course, better if you actually get out there.

Walk to school instead of getting the bus or at least get off one stop early.

Walk through or round your local park or offer to take the family dog for a walk if you have one .

Find a park with an outdoor gym if that’s your thing.

Just walking outside can lower your blood pressure and heart rate,  reduce muscle tension and your  stress hormones – all of which go up when you’re anxious.

How do I connect with nature in a Mindful way?

Try leaving your phone at home  – just for this walk – or at least don’t look at it.

Leave your headphones at home.

Instead look … yes really look around you as you go. What do you see? 

Does it change? How many shades of green can you see in the park? Does one tree look different in shape to another?

Look closely at a leaf. What shape is it? What does it feel like – on the flat part, the tip and the edges? Can you see any patterns?

What sounds can you hear?

Is the sun out or is it very windy? What does that feel like on your face? Or if it’s raining where does the rain hit you?

Rather than ignoring or half looking at all these things (which is what we normally do) take your time to stop and really notice them. Give them time and attention.

If you absolutely can’t get out into nature – how about watching it here!