Negative to Positive

As human beings, we take responsibility for our own physical health. The same should go for our mental health. It might sound crazy, but our emotional wellbeing is reliant on training our mind to react in a  productive, logical and purposeful way.

When we are self reliant, we stop looking at other people for our own wellbeing. We become stronger, happier people and and make better life choices. We become resilient.

If you have already found your negative automatic thinking – you are now in the right place to change your thinking. If you are yet to discover your negative thought patterns, click the button to the right.

Using Affirmations

The activity below is a 30 minute affirmation activity. Listen to it with headphones on, on your own, when you have a peaceful place to stop and rest. The best time to listen is when you are in bed at night – before you go to sleep.

At first, you may feel that some of the statements are at odds with what you believe about yourself. That doesn’t matter. Listen anyway. These statements are designed to re program your mind from a negative mindset to a positive mindset.