Observing your thoughts

Here’s a little task for you. You don’t have to tell anyone you are doing it. 

For one whole day, try to take a mental step back and quietly watch and listen to your thoughts. All of the crazy stuff you tell yourself on the quiet as the day goes on.

If you can, make a note of the kind of things you tell yourself.

To help, here’s a printable cue sheet to focus you a little. There are lots of things on here – some which may not apply to you. There may also be things you tell yourself that are not on this list. That’s OK – just jot it down in the space at the bottom.

We’ve made this an editable pdf so that you can use it on your phone as the day goes on. You might need to download the Foxit app to type on it.

Do you now know the kinds of things you tell yourself all day? Have you observed your own computer program?

Do these thoughts help you move forward?

What do you think would be useful to change?