Wellbeing Day 12

Self care

The fact that you have worked through our 12 Days of Wellbeing shows that you have committed to self caring. Well done! Now let’s take it a step further.

Looking after yourself means tuning into what you need to keep you well and happy. For example, maybe you need:

  • to take time in a quiet space regularly, away from people
  • a soothing bath every evening
  • to read in order to escape the world for a while
  • to indulge in your favourite hobby or sport
  • to unwind in front of the TV for a couple of hours
  • to socialise with friends
  • to exercise and vent frustrations in a positive way

Whatever it is you need – recognise what makes you happy and make sure you plan it into every day. If you’re not getting enough of what you need right now, choose one of the things above and do it!

Have a great 2023!