What’s Normal?

We all feel nervous and worried sometimes. It feels horrible and scary. Sometimes it makes us feel sick and gives us anxious sensations.  However sometimes this is just a normal reaction to life’s ups and downs and not a reason to panic.

It’s really important that we are able to recognise the difference between normal nervous reactions and when we really aren’t coping. Labelling ourselves and others as ‘suffering from anxiety’ might not actually be true and could make us feel worse.

So what’s just normal nerves ?

Doing something for the very first time.

Being nervous is normal.

Sitting an important exam.

Being nervous is normal.

Speaking in front of a lot of people.

Being nervous is normal.

A big life change – like moving school.

Being nervous is normal.

If you feel nervous in these situations, simply notice what’s true and say to yourself:

‘OK, I’m nervous and this feels horrible. But I’m supposed to feel like this for now. It will pass’.

Then take a deep breath and keep going. You will be proud that you did!

This is one of the ways we build resilience – accepting that we’re nervous and being prepared to push through. When we have done this once or twice, the next time we’re faced with a similar situation won’t be as bad because we have learned that it passes. Eventually it might not bother us at all.

This is called having courage.

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